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Saturday, September 06, 2014


News and Opinion Perspectives of Some People of Color

Black Girl Dangerous is the brainchild of writer Mia McKenzie. What started out as a scream of anguish has evolved into a multi-faceted forum for expression. Black Girl Dangerous seeks to, in as many ways possible, amplify the voices, experiences and expressions of queer and trans* people of color.
Black Girl Dangerous is a place where we can make our voices heard on the issues that interest us and affect us, where we can showcase our literary and artistic talents, where we can cry it out, and where we can explore and express our “dangerous” sides: our biggest, boldest, craziest, weirdest, wildest selves.

Colorlines is a daily news site where race matters, featuring award-winning investigative reporting and news analysis. Colorlines is published by Race Forward, a national organization that advances racial justice through research, media and practice.
Colorlines is produced by a multiracial team of writers who cover stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power brokers.

The Root is the premier news, opinion and culture site for African-American influencers.  Founded in 2008, under the leadership of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., The Root provides smart, timely coverage of breaking news, thought-provoking commentary and gives voice to a changing, more diverse America. The Root is a subsidiary of The Slate Group

Black Public Media - The National Black Programming Consortium is committed to a fully realized expression of democracy. We support diverse voices by developing, producing and distributing innovative media about the Black experience and by investing in visionary content makers.

Black Agenda Report - Every week at Black Agenda Report asks the questions and tells the stories that few others do. Founded by Margaret Kimberley, Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon in 2006, Black Agenda Report publishes 5 to 7 original articles each week.
News, commentary & analysis from the black left.

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